Top Hardwood Vacuum Cleaners in 2017

While every shopper is looking for something different in their hardwood floor vacuum cleaner, it is important to consider the many features available as well as their performance on both hard surfaces and carpet.

It isn’t easy to choose a vacuum which has been designed specifically for use on hardwood flooring, but we aim to make the process easier by comparing some of the top performing models on the market today. After all, choosing the right tool is part of the tried and tested household cleaning tips for new wives. See below:


Oreck Insight

If you need a lightweight hardwood vacuum which cleans hard floors efficiently and with minimum noise, this model uses both low and high speeds at the press of a button for a cleaner floor. Easy to carry upstairs and around the house thanks to its low body weight, this model is a top performer from a high quality brand.

Miele S6270 Quartz

This canister vacuum is highly rated amongst consumers thanks to its quiet running motor and powerful suction. It is easy to use and its single step cord retraction makes this an extremely convenient model to use. This vacuum is one of the best choices thanks to its consistently impressive performance on stairs and hard floors. Its low weight makes it easy to maneuver and to carry around the house.

Dyson V6 Motorhead

Dyson are famous for their high functioning vacuums, and this model is an excellent example of the brand. Cordless for extra convenience, this model is easy to carry around the home and is perfect for use on stairs where its lack of a power cord is especially useful.

This stick vacuum has a direct drive motor in its brush bar which boosts its cleaning ability, meaning that it offers an effective and efficient clean on both hardwoods and carpets. This model is also extremely effective on pet hair, making this a great choice for pet friendly homes.

Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS

This upright model from Oreck is extremely lightweight, making it a perfect choice for homes with many rooms or lots of stairs. Its low profile head design enables it to maneuver easily into the tightest and most difficult to reach spots, while the powerful suction, combined with the super speed roller brush deep cleans surfaces and makes light work of debris and dust.

Dyson V6

Thanks to the detachable wand, this vacuum from the high quality Dyson brand is able to reach even the most awkward spots in the home while remaining incredibly powerful. Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry around the home between rooms and up stairs and its easy to use push button bin emptying system ensures that removing dust from the machine is mess free.

Meanwhile, this model also features a max power mode which will ensure that hardwood floors are clear of all debris. Designed for optimal durability, this vacuum is also excellent at picking up tricky pet hair so you can end your search for the right vacuum for pet hair with it!

Miele Jazz S7280

Simple to maneuver, the lightweight Miele Jazz S7280 upright has an electrobrush which can automatically adjust to a wide range of surfaces including hardwood floors. It also features no less than four different power settings so that its suction can be perfectly customized for each area of the home. Excellent for use on pet hair, this vacuum maneuvers perfectly on every type of surface.

Neato Botvac BV85

If you’re looking for the ultimate convenience when cleaning your hardwood floors, the Neato Botvac BV85 is perfect. Its laser guided cutting edge technology allows this vacuum to move effortlessly around the floor to suck up all pet hair, debris and dust that it finds thanks to its efficient combo brush. Thanks to its oversized bin, there is no need to empty it too frequently, and its quiet running motor makes this a great choice for homes where noise levels are at a premium

Miele S8590 Alize

This highly rated vacuum features an unusual headlight to illuminate the surface to be cleaned. Efficient at cleaning away all debris and dust, this model is also extremely effective at removing pet hair from stairs and hardwood flooring. It also features neat dust bags which are quick and simple to change for added user convenience.

Miele S2121 Olympus

This canister vacuum cleaner is incredibly quiet without ever compromising on power. It is able to wipe all hardwood flooring completely clean while being easy to get into all of the tricky spots such as floor edges, molding and upstairs. With its easy change neat dust bags and great maneuverability, this is the perfect model for all kinds of homes.


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