A Minute for Mommy

As we all know the life of a stay at home parent can be stressful and unnerving from time to time. Whether it is dealing with broken appliances, broken dishes or a sick child a parents work can at times never be done. It is in those moments of high stress and potential breakdown that I like to remember that Mommy needs a time out too!

I am sure I am not the only mommy that feels this way so when I am feeling overwhelmed and of course overworked, I take a minute for mommy and do some relaxation and meditation. I know many of you will say, “But I don’t have time for that!”, but I promise you the internet is full of lots of quick and simple ways to take a moment for mommy!

Tips for Moms

Being a mom these days can be really stressful, and coping with all of the demands of kids, home and work life can leave you with no time to relax. Meditation is the ideal solution, and if you’re thinking that you can’t fit it into your hectic schedule, think again. Just a one to ten minute meditation session can help in building better awareness of your body and mind while creating extra happiness and improving your health. Here are 43 ideas for mini meditation sessions that will help you to de-stress and refocus.

  1. Focus on your breathing. Sit comfortably and shut your eyes, paying close attention to your breathing. Breathe slowly in through your nose then out through your mouth, and remind yourself that you are falling deeper into a meditative state. 
  2. Take a ten minute walk to tune out. Leave your iPod and cell phone at home and take the time to listen to the sounds around you, focusing on the sensations you experience.
  3. Repeat a word such as peace, love or joy for ten minutes while concentrating on your breathing. Avoid letting your mind wander.
  4. Write a journal to describe your feelings. By putting your emotions into words you will find greater clarity in your moments of great stress.
  5. Take a shower and while you stand under the running water imagine that the situation that is stressing you out is being washed down the plug hole.
  6. Put a green plant or flower in your work station and reflect on its stillness.
  7. Be creative – write a poem, paint a picture or compose some music. By allowing your imagination to be free you can remove your focus on the external realities that are upsetting you.
  8. Sit in a natural environment and take the time to really look all your surroundings using every sense.
  9. Perform some sun salutations, focusing on your breath while you move.
  10. Try some finger painting and enjoy how the paint feels on your fingers.
  11. Meditate on the heart center. As you sit quietly, sense the beating of your heart and focus on the blood rushing through your arteries and veins.
  12. Hold a picture in your head of your grandmother’s kitchen. What are the sights, sounds and smells you recall? As you focus on the unconditional love that you were given you will find that you are naturally soothed.
  13. Listen to music mindfully, focusing on the feelings that the notes and lyrics give you.
  14. Prepare a meal and eat it slowly at the table without watching TV or working on your laptop. As you chew each bite, notice the textures, tastes and colors.
  15. Become grounded. Lie on the floor in a quiet space and envision with every breath gravity pulling your body down into the floor to suck away each noxious thought. Become one with the surface and erase all distractions.
  16. Put photos of places that make you feel calm and photos of your loved ones on your desk and reflect on happy memories. 
  17. Break large projects into more manageable chunks so that you don’t become overwhelmed.
  18. Relax in a warm bath with lavender essential oils in it. Focus in the lavender’s fragrant scent and feel the warm water soothing your body.